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We offer a number of virgin board and recycle grade papers, along with paperboard ranging from .010 to .032 caliper.

In addition to providing nearly a dozen common paperboard carton designs, we customize and innovate solutions for a wide variety of needs.

Paper Grades

Virgin Boards

Solid Bleached Sulfate, or SBS:
This is a high-quality board, white on both sides, with excellent strength and printability.

Solid Unbleached Sulfate, or SUS:
A high-quality board, very strong, which is available coated white or uncoated.

Virgin Kraft a high strength board uncoated and economical. 

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Recycled Grades

Clay Coated Kraft Back, or CCKB:
A heavy duty board, white on top and brown on back.

Clay Coated News Back, or CCNB:
Less strength than CCKB, white on top and gray to brown on back.

Solid Brown Kraft, or SBK:
Very strong board, brown on both sides.

Bending Chip, or BC:
A very economical board, but with less strength than SBK, generally tan to brown throughout.

Specialty boards are available upon request.

Board Caliper

The thickness of a sheet of paperboard is measured in thousandths of an inch; the larger the number, the thicker and stronger the board. Sandusky Packaging can provide products ranging from .010 to .032 caliper.

Folding carton dimensions should be given per the following industry standards with the opening at the top and bottom.

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Length first. The length is the dimension across the front of the carton left to right.

Width second. The width is the side dimension from the front to the back.

Depth last. The depth is the height of the carton from top to bottom.

Common Packaging Solutions

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