Why Choose a Custom Packaging Supplier?

We believe the secret to business success is treating people right, from our employees to our customers.

Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, you matter to us, and we won’t stop working for you to prove it!

Since 1965, we’ve been the custom packaging authorities, innovating to meet your needs while operating responsibly with your company’s money and the Earth’s resources. We are GMI and G7 Master Printers who adhere to ISO 9001 standards, making your products jump from those catalog pages, online ordering systems, and store shelves. 

why choose a custom packaging supplier? | sandusky packaging

Is your product catching eyes and customers–in a way that saves you money and time?
We can help make that happen with custom packaging that sells.

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We are ISO 9001 Registered

We are ISO 9001 Registered
We are ISO 9001 Registered

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